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Big Sister Vs. Little Sister


Capri was 10 days shy of 23 months when Payson was born. We have been having a lot of issues with Capri being nice to her sister, which I think a lot of it has to do with her being jealous of Payson. Many times during the day Capri loves on her sister and gives her kisses and tries to share with her (which we don’t always want because it is usually food); but there are other times during the day where I feel like I have said for the 100th time for her to not hit, poke or throw things at Payson. This usually ends in all of us having a breakdown and both girls crying.


Capri seems to be having a very hard time with having a new sister. It doesn’t help that we just moved to a new town away from her friends and away from a life where we were out with friends a lot more. I know she is having a hard time in this transition but it is getting to a point where I don’t know what to do. I feel like I have to keep Capri away from Payson at all times.

I am praying that it gets better as Payson gets a little more interactive and as we get into a better routine in our new town. I am hoping that we can have a lot more loving and a lot less eye poking (she was not poking her eye when I started to take that photo).


Sometimes it seems like other kids love their new brothers or sisters and I worry that there is something wrong with Capri. So if you have been through this and can tell me it is normal that would be great. If you have ideas of how to get Capri to stop hitting her sister that would be great as well.

We already try and do 1 on 1 time with Capri, but it has been really hard because Payson is a high needs baby and doesn’t like to be put down or be in other arms besides mine (which Capri was the opposite).

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Sili Squeeze Review


Capri loves yogurt, smoothies and applesauce. These are healthy snacks for her that she loves, but they are on the messy side and not easy to travel with. I saw someone on Facebook ask the question about a smoothe sippy cup and someone suggested the Sili Squeeze. It is a silicone “bottle” that is TOTALLY spill proof.

You simply fill the silicone base with the food your child wants (smoothie, yogurt, applesauce, other puree type foods) and all they have to do is squeeze the bottle and bite down on the spout.

It only took Capri a few seconds and some promoting to figure out how to use it (theIMG_0800 idea that you have to squeeze and bite at the same time was not over her head at all and she is 2 years old). She left it laying on the floor multiple times and not a drop of applesauce ended up anywhere but her mouth. As you can see in the picture to the right I am squeezing the bottle upside down, but nothing is coming out because no one is biting on the spout. This is going to be great for car trips or just for tossing in the diaper bag.

It is also SUPER easy to clean. The entire thing comes apart and is dishwasher safe (top rack), or you can hand wash it with soap and hot water.

IMG_0802It comes in two sizes 4oz and 6oz (we bought the 6oz), and a few different colors. They are currently selling out of their stock and bringing in their new version of the Sili Squeeze later this Summer or Fall I believe with updates (which I have no idea what they are). I am thinking of buying another one when they come out.

They say babies as young as 6 months can figure this out and they also have another version of the Sili Squeeze called the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze. This version for older kids is not spill proof and does not require the squeeze/biting motion. It is more like the store bought squeeze pouches. Gerber-Grabbers

So if your kids LOVE the store bought squeeze pouches, but you HATE spending $2 for each one go and buy a Sili Squeeze for $12.95 (with shipping to Canada I spent $20). But I will save money in the long run and I will know exactly what my girls are eating. The company also has a recipe section on their website to give you some great and healthy ideas of things to make to put into your Sili Squeeze. 

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Bambina Bands and Tutus–aka my kid is a Princess


We just moved to a new town and my neighbour has a company making super cute little girl things…like tutus, head bands and hair clips. So of course I have bought a ton of stuff from her already.

I have been dying to get Capri a tutu for EVER and I am so glad I was able to get it from Sabrina. My little diva LOVES her tutu. It came with a matching head band and she looks so beyond cute.

We also got a few head bands, and hair clips. We are still working on getting Capri to keep the clips in. It has only been since Payson was born that she would keep a head band on (only because we put them on Payson). IMG_0470

So we now have 3 head bands (one of them is not in the picture, but it is in the picture below), and a bunch of clips. I think I am giving the top head band to a friend for her little girl (now all of you who know me are wondering if it is you and your little girl aren’t you??).

I love my little princess. I will get one for Payson at some point, but right now she just lays around and won’t appreciate it.


So if you are looking for adorable things for your little girl or a little girl in your life check out Bambina Bands and Tutus. She has awesome prices and great products. IMG_0471

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Rainy Day Painting


I was so excited to get into our new house. We would have a back deck and yard to play in. Well we have had a bit of rain since we moved in and today it is pouring out. So since we live in a much craft friendly house (bigger and easier to clean) I decided to let Capri paint for a while. I searched for the paint brushes and could not find them. So I grabbed the make up brushes that Capri had found the other day and we used those. I also didn’t have any paint so I just added some food coloring to some water. It IMG_0189[1]worked great. We had a ton of fun and it was easy to clean up when she spilled the “paint” all over the floor.

Also my kid LOVES the hat she is wearing. We found it at church the other day (it is from a past Christmas production). It makes me laugh that she wears it all around the house.

IMG_0167[1]Payson joined in on the fun by either laying on a blanket or laying in my arms (laying on a blanket never lasts long.

In our house we usually have music playing. We love music and what better way to have fun while painting than listening to some sweet tunes. Now we are SUPER cool and listen to our music on ourIMG_0183[1] Ipod via our Hi-Fi. At least our kids will know what a record player looks like.

Overall it was a great morning. Snack time happened with a tired toddler which resulted in banana all over the floor which in turn resulted in a nap. But we had lots of fun painting and listening to music.

I learned this morning that it doesn’t take a lot to entertain Capri for a couple of hours with water and food coloring and some old make up brushes (we also drew on the paper with crayon). Here are our 3 masterpieces.


What rainy day activities do you do with your toddler?

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Capri Goes To The ER

120604130400On Monday Capri, Payson and I went to our local resource center for Musical Moments and play time, we left the house around 8:40am. While there Capri was running around and dancing to the music which is what she normally does. But she was also limping which one of my friends pointed out. I picked her up and took a look at her leg and after looking at it for a bit I realized that her left knee was swollen and she could not straighten her leg. I called Stefan at work at had him come pick us up to take us to our family doctor (who was fitting us in a.s.a.p. because he was going home sick). He wrote us a requisition for an x-ray so we didn’t have to wait in the ER for even longer.

We got her up to our outpatients/ER and she had her very first x-ray. Stefan took her into the room and she laid perfectly still and enjoyed having her photo taken. After that we went and registered with the ER to wait and find120604174900 out what the x-rays said, we were told it would be a 3 hour wait. Thankfully we have AWESOME kids because they both napped during this time, or played (well Capri played, not Payson). After 3.5 hours we were finally called in to a room, where we waited for another 30 minutes to see a doctor. The doctor said the x-ray looked clear and that he was worried about an infection so he wanted a blood draw done.

A 2 year olds veins are REALLY small. The nurse stuck the needle in Capri’s arm and wiggled it around for a few minutes but could not get in the vein, mean while Capri just watched and smiled (we wonder if she feels pain). Finally they had the lab tech come in to do the blood draw, which again Capri just sat still and watched as her blood flowed out, she didn’t cry at all. After she got her band-aid she stuck out her other arm wanting them to draw more blood (yeah she is strange). While this was going on Payson had a HUGE poop which I got to clean up in the exam room. After that we got to go back to the waiting room to wait for the test results.

120604185500It was well past supper time at this point but thankfully we had been eating snacks since we arrived and I had a few dollars to get a bag of chips for “supper”. We waited for over an hour for the test results and the new doctor on call told us that the blood results were clear (meaning no infection in her joint). He also told us that they were worried about a hidden fracture so they were sending the x-rays to an orthopaedic surgeon but we could go home and wait his call. We got everyone all packed up and headed out to the car, just as we were un-locking our doors two nurses came running out yelling for us (that 120604195900doesn’t make you worry at all…). Apparently the orthopaedic surgeon had decided that Capri should have her leg splinted until he could take a look at her. So back in we went and Dr. Butler made a little splint for her little leg. After 8 hours at the ER we finally made it home and got Capri to bed. She doesn’t get to see the surgeon until Monday so she has to keep the splint on for a whole week (which is annoying).

I have to say however that I am impressed with my 2 daughters who were out of the house for 11.5 hours and didn’t throw any fits (which for a 2 year old who is not allowed to walk around that is highly impressive). I am also impressed with my diaper bag, I was only 120604173400planning on being out for 3-4 hours but since I over pack I had enough diapers for 2 kids (one being a newborn) and enough snacks for Capri. Capri is doing great though, and has been running around with her little limp and doesn’t seem bothered by the splint or her knee.

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Hot Mama Gown Review

IMG_1574When I was in the hospital to deliver Capri I wore the standard hospital gown during labor and also during my stay in the hospital. I HATED these gowns. I felt like every time I stood up or wanted to go anywhere I was giving everyone a little peep show. And when I was trying to breastfeed Capri wearing one I had to haul the whole thing up and reveal EVERYTHING, or try and pull the should down which I found hard. So over the last few months I have been following Hot Mama Gowns (HMG) on twitter and on facebook. I love the mom that owns and runs HMG because she is beyond generous and LOVES promoting other mom companies, Deidrea is beyond amazing. So I was so happy that I was given the chance to review a Hot Mama Gown.

I love that the gown is pretty and functional. I was sent the Genevieve print and thought it was perfect. I chose to wear my gown for my hospital stay instead of during labor because I knew I would get more use out of it (especially since my labor only lasted 4 hours). But if you do wear it during labor the back has snaps so you don’t show off you bum to the world, but the snaps allow for quick access if you decide to have an epidural.

IMG_1580What I loved most about the gown was the breastfeeding access. The gown has two ribbon drawstrings so you can pull the sides away to allow for easy nursing without super exposure. You can watch a video here about how they work. The gown also has snaps along the shoulders so you can un-snap those and bring one side of the gown down to nurse, which I found worked best for us. I love that it has those different options.

I wish I had more and better pictures of us using it, but Stefan was at home with Capri so I only have a few photos. But you can see some other mama’s photos and thoughts on their gowns by checking out the testimonial page on the HMG website.

I want to thank Deidrea so much for helping make my hospital stay a comfortable and stylish one. Check her out on facebook and on Twitter.

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Capri Becomes a Big Sister

IMG_1525All through my pregnancy we talked with Capri about her new baby sister that would be joining our family. We read her books about becoming a big sister (my favourite was My New Baby), we brought her to doctor appointments and let her kiss my tummy (which always ended up with her blowing raspberries all over my stomach).

Capri was 14 months when we got pregnant and was still nursing a fair amount during the day and night. I knew there IMG_1579was a good chance my milk would dry up but I continued to let her nurse. My milk supply did go down a fair amount but she was still able to get some and didn’t seem to mind the lack of milk.

I was thankful that I went into labor in the morning and that Stefan was able to pick her up only 5 hours after we had dropped her off at a friends house. Stefan was able to spend the two nights I was in the hospital at home with Capri and she did very well (though she did wander around saying “Mama?” a fair amount).

She was the first one to meet her baby sister only a few hours after Payson was born. She was kind of tentative at first but after a bit she was up in the IMG_1608bed with Payson and I. She would not touch her however and just wanted to snuggle with me. But before the visit was over she was holding her hand and gave her a kiss goodbye.

Over the last two weeks Capri has had her ups and downs with this big change in our household. She LOVES her sister and gives her lots of kisses and gets very worried when Payson cries. She also really likes covering her face with blankets and pulls on her arms a bit too hard or tries to turn Payson’s head to point to her ears. She has been adjusting fairly well to sharing mommy but it has been rough. She is down to nursing in the morning and right before bedtime but has a hard time when Payson nurses. Stefan goes back to work tomorrow so we will see how it goes with just the three of us at home during the day. IMG_1778IMG_1733

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Payson Malia’s Birth Story

39 weeks part 2May 8th 2012 I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I went to my OB for my 40 week appointment with very little hope that I would have a baby soon. So many people talk about pre-labor signs they have and contractions. I didn’t get those with Capri and I was not really getting them with Payson. In fact I felt like I had another month left of pregnancy. I felt really great and was not that big just anxious to meet our new addition.

I was not planning on getting anything done to start labor but I decided to get my membranes swept because we have to go down and do some final things with our new job on May 18th. My OB checked me and said I was 3cm and did the sweep. I went home and felt NOTHING. No cramping, I didn’t have any spotting, in fact I felt totally normal. I went to bed that night deciding that the sweep had not worked and that she would never come.

At 4am I woke up with the need to pee, so I went to the bathroom as fast as I could IMG_1531and started to lose my mucus plug. I had a couple of contractions but was able to go back to sleep and didn’t wake up again until 6am when all of a sudden I had contractions every 3 minutes. They were not super painful, but they kept coming. Stefan and I got up and he had breakfast and I sat on the couch contracting. Around 6:50 we decided to wake Capri up and let her have breakfast. Even though my contractions were coming every 3 minutes they were not that strong but I felt that we should get to the hospital. I packed the rest of Capri’s things up and at 7:30 dropped her off at our friend’s house (which was very hard for me because I have never left her for very long).

IMG_1547We had an hour drive to the hospital, though we made good time and got there at 8:20. The whole drive we listened to Queen and I hummed my way through contractions that were now every 2 minutes apart. We arrived at the hospital and registered, went upstairs and we were given a room. I told the nurses I didn’t want any drugs/IV or any monitors attached to me. They allowed me to put my own clothes on for the birth (tank top, sports bra and a jersey skirt) and I got myself set up.

I had Stefan put the birth ball up on the bed for me and I kneeled and leaned over it through contractions which were still coming every 2-3 minutes. I found out later that the nurses didn’t really think I was in active labor at this point. They told me to tell them if I felt the need to push though, and I felt like I needed to. They got me to lay back so they could check me (this was so annoying and painful). They checked and said I was only 4-5cm and that I was not allowed to push and I still had a bit to go. At this point I internally freaked out because I really did not want drugs but it was getting bad and I didn’t think I could go much longer without them.

I started to eat my labor-aid slushy I made to keep myself hydrated, after a few IMG_1567spoonful’s I started contracting and they would not stop. I was not getting any breaks and they were coming fast and strong. Stefan had Aerosmith playing by my head and I hummed and breathed my way through each contraction. I kept telling the nurses that I had felt like I had to push, so as much as I tried not to my body took over and would push a little with each contraction. I had incredible nurses who helped me control my breathing and showed Stefan how to push on my back (he was amazing). They made me lay down again to check me and I was 9cm (I also freaked out at the Dr. while he was checking IMG_1573me and told him to get out). I had them flip me back up on the ball and I informed the whole room of nurses and the doctor that I would not be pushing this baby out on my back but on my hands and knees with the birth ball. They told me I had to turn around if I wanted to do that and put the ball at the top of the bed. I freaked out at this because I didn’t think I could move. I had another contraction and I felt my water break all down my leg. They helped me get turned around between my next contraction and I informed them that I was going to start pushing. The other doctor quickly checked me and said I was 10cm. It was around 9:50am at this point. I started to push with all I had, I was screaming and the doctor said if I stopped screaming and breathed I could push better so that is what I did. I pushed and pushed and 6 minutes later I pushed Payson Malia out (9:56am, only 4 hours after contractions actually started).

IMG_1579I was trying to see her between my legs, and told them to hold off on clamping the cord for a bit. They finally clamped and cut the cord. I allowed them to take her and weigh her since I had to get myself flipped around before I could hold her (she was 7lbs 15oz and a little over 20 inches long). Finally they placed my little baby in my arms and we snuggled. I was able to deliver my placenta and had some local numbing done so I could be stitched up (which HURT like crazy). I had some second degree tears which I assume happened because she came out so fast. I was able to nurse Payson while this was happening and she latched on super well.

After we were settled in our room Stefan drove home to pick up Capri only hours after we had dropped her off. She got to come back and meet her sister. She was a little scared of her at first but seems to love her a lot now with tons of kisses. We spent the next couple of days in the hospital because IMG_1618her bilirubin (jaundice test) was a little low, we got out Friday morning. She seems to be an amazing sleeper and nurse-er. She is also a screamer. All the nurses commented on how loud she was.

I have to say that I felt so empowered during this birth. With Capri I was on my back and hooked up to an IV, fetal monitor and blood pressure cuff; I had an epidural and gave birth on my back. But With Payson I felt so in control and did what I wanted to do and it was incredible.


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Maxwell Designs Playbook Case


I got a Blackberry Playbook for my 25th birthday last week. I knew I would need a case for it and I am a sucker for having pretty things, so I went looking for a pretty case. I was looking on the Maxwell Designs page because I knew of someone who had their Ipad case and they told me that it was AMAZING. And since Maggie the owner of Maxwell Designs is awesome she made me a custom size case for my Playbook. I was able to pick out my fabric from all the different options you see on her site and I am in LOVE with it.


IMG_1451There is shock absorbent padding between the outer and inner fabric (I love the inner fabric by the way) to help protect your tablet and a zipper closure to keep it from falling out.

Not only was Maggie amazing to work with she was fast. This was a custom piece and she took no time to make it and ship it to me. And she is Canadian, the company is located in British Columbia. I love being able to buy things that are made in my country.

Maxwell Designs makes a lot of amazing products such as diaper bags, purses, change mats, wipes cases, laundry/toy totes, wet bags and cosmetic cases. I have had my eye on the cosmetic cases for a while now, I don’t wear a lot of make up (or none really), but I think it would be a great little bag to throw all of MY stuff into and put it in the diaper bag so it doesn’t get lost with diapers, snacks and other toddler and baby stuff.

So head over and take a look at all of Maggie’s stuff. If you have a tablet or e-book reader her cases are excellent and she can make them in any size.

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We have a Job


If you have not heard, Stefan and I finally got a job in a church. It has been an interesting two years for us in regards to finding a job. I was a year ahead of Stefan at Bethany so I graduated 2 years ago, which meant we really could not start looking for a church until last May when Stefan graduated. I spent HOURS sending out our resumes to churches. We actually had a fair amount of luck with talking with churches. I can’t count how many phone/skype interviews we had. We even went and visited 3 or 4 churches to talk further about us coming and working for them. Stefan is one of those people who could be happy almost anywhere, but I kept having that feeling that each church we visited was not the place for us (which was REALLY hard because we wanted to be in a church so bad).

map of shelYou see both Stefan and I have degrees in Pastoral ministry, both Stefan and I desire to work in the church and we had to find the perfect church for both of us. A church that would allow both of us to work out hours each week so we can be ordained in the Wesleyan Church in two years.

So sometime in the next two months we will be moving to Shelburne, Nova Scotia to pastor the Wesleyan church there (Hope Wesleyan). We are SUPER excited. Stefan will be the lead pastor and I will be the community pastor (aka I get out in the community and get people into the church). I am going to be doing a lot with families which is awesome because it will tie into me being home with our two daughters (I will be working from home). We are excited about this adventure in our lives and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us and for the people of Shelburne.

The top picture is the house we will be living in. I am so excited because it has a yard, and 4 bedrooms and a clothesline and a DISHWASHER.

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