Posted by: deborahgilbert42 | July 3, 2012

Bambina Bands and Tutus–aka my kid is a Princess


We just moved to a new town and my neighbour has a company making super cute little girl things…like tutus, head bands and hair clips. So of course I have bought a ton of stuff from her already.

I have been dying to get Capri a tutu for EVER and I am so glad I was able to get it from Sabrina. My little diva LOVES her tutu. It came with a matching head band and she looks so beyond cute.

We also got a few head bands, and hair clips. We are still working on getting Capri to keep the clips in. It has only been since Payson was born that she would keep a head band on (only because we put them on Payson). IMG_0470

So we now have 3 head bands (one of them is not in the picture, but it is in the picture below), and a bunch of clips. I think I am giving the top head band to a friend for her little girl (now all of you who know me are wondering if it is you and your little girl aren’t you??).

I love my little princess. I will get one for Payson at some point, but right now she just lays around and won’t appreciate it.


So if you are looking for adorable things for your little girl or a little girl in your life check out Bambina Bands and Tutus. She has awesome prices and great products. IMG_0471

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