Posted by: deborahgilbert42 | October 7, 2011

Boba 3G

IMG_9934I was honoured to be sent the new Boba 3G to review. I have been using the Boba carrier for almost a year now and I was really excited to try the new version with the new upgrades.  I was sent the Kangaroo pattern which I LOVE.

So the new carrier is amazing. It has all of the same great qualities as the Boba 2G such as a hood, foot straps (though they go on with snaps now and make it WAY easier to adjust them) and a really high back so baby/toddlers can’t lean back. The straps are super comfortable and you can wear your child for extremely long times and still be comfortable.

New Features






POCKETS!!! The new Boba has 3 pockets. On the waist strap there is a zippered pocket and above it a pocket. The other pocket is at the top of the carrier where you can store the removable hood and store a diaper or a snack (or whatever). Even when I am wearing Capri on my back I am able to reach behind me and put my keys or debit card into the zippered pocket which is really helpful.


Purses/bag holder. On the shoulder strap there is a new strap that you can put your diaper bag, grocery bag or purse (or whatever you are carrying that has straps) on. This way you don’t have to worry about it slipping off of your shoulder. I have used this a few times and it is a really nice addition.

Boba also just introduced a new accessory which is a bag that clips onto your Boba straps. You can check it out here; it is called the Boba Pack. This bag is really cute and would be great but I find it a bit pricey.




The last new feature is the weight change. The Boba 2G started at 15lbs, the new Boba 3G starts at 7lbs and goes up to 45lbs.

From 7-15lbs you can snap the bottom of your Boba up and turn the straps so that it is an infant carrier. In the hood pocket there is a strap to adjust the head support for your newborn. I love this new feature. I have only tried it with Capri’s doll but it seems great. Especially for those who wish to only buy one carrier for their baby.

Overall I love the new Boba 3G. They also sell stretchy wraps for those that wish to use a wrap for smaller babies. You can check out all their new things on their new website

If you would like to WIN a new Boba 3g:

Boba Inc. is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the launch of the new Boba Carrier 3G and their new brand image!  Enter to win a $500 travel voucher and a Boba Carrier 3G. With the new 3G it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to put it to use in a destination of your choice. To enter to win, “Like” them on Facebook (, follow them on Twitter ( and tweet about them! Also, make sure to check out Boba’s new website –


(You get to pick how you enter so if you don’t have twitter don’t worry).

It ends October 10th. I am sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner. We have all been SUPER sick.


  1. Oooh I want one! (I want a little baby to try it out with too)

  2. hi! thanks for the review. i am interested in buying this for my soon to be born baby but would LOVE to read some more reviews. have you used it much since the review? any updates to your review would be great.

    • yeah I use it daily. It is my go to carrier and I own 10 carriers and I pretty much only use my Boba 3g. If you google Boba 3g review you will come up with a ton of blogs that also reviewed it.

      • I’ve googled and can’t seem to find much (other than retailers giving one review of it after their first try. what am i doing wrong? how long have you owned it and how old is your baby? it looks perfect but don’t they all 🙂 any negatives? i am comparing this to ergo as well as beco options…

  3. I’ve googled and can’t seem to find much (other than retailers giving one review of it after their first try. what am i doing wrong? how long have you owned it and how old is your baby? it looks perfect but don’t they all 🙂 any negatives? i am comparing this to ergo as well as beco options…

    • here is another review and another with a video

      I had the Boba 2G from the time my daughter was 6 months old, and I got the Boba 3G when she was 15 months old. The new Boba 3G can hold infants however starting at 7lbs like my review says.

      I don’t have any negatives about it. I love it.

      • thanks deborah. i actually did see those reviews. i guess i’m just used to hundreds on amazon 🙂 i ordered a sleepy wrap already so will have that in addition but definitely want to be able to use comfortably with newborn that weighs at least 7 pounds. Curious how this would compare to the Becos as well as Ergo.

      • I don’t own either a Beco or an Ergo. I do know that to carry an infant in an Ergo you have to buy a separate part to snap in, you don’t with the Boba. You won’t find a ton of reviews yet because the Boba 3G just came out at the beginning of October (like a few weeks ago). The one thing that Boba has that other carriers don’t is the foot straps for when they are toddlers which keeps their legs in the right position.

      • i think i’m going to order one and check it out myself. how do you find the fabric? is it soft?

      • yup it is nice. My daughter loves it. she carries it around.

  4. Thanks for linking to my video review in the comments! I absolutely love this carrier! Now I (almost) want another little baby again! 🙂

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