Posted by: deborahgilbert42 | July 25, 2011

My Nursing Chair

Capri is finally in her own room. It has a whole 5 items in it. One of those items is this kids pull out couch.


This is what I nurse her on at night. Capri has lived in 3 apartments since she has been born and only kind of has had her own room in our last apartment. In that room she had a single bed (it was a furnished apartment) that I nursed her on at night. Since we have lived in our new apartment she has either slept in our room or the living room so I have always had a place to nurse her.

Now that she is in her own room I have nothing grown up size to nurse her on. I want something I LOVE to sit and nurse her in. I hate rocking chairs, I don’t find them comfy and I don’t like the rocking motion. I want something that I will love from baby to baby. Someday I will find that chair…and be able to afford that chair.

Well that was a really short and random post.


  1. Sebastian sleeps on a twin in our room, and that is the only place he really likes to nurse to sleep. He is starting to fall asleep in my arms again during the day, which is really nice, as lying down every single time I had to feed him was killing my back! I really wish we had comfier furniture though. We have a futon and couch that cost around $300 combined and they aren’t exactly plush. Can’t wait until we have better furniture!

  2. You need your round chair that you dreamed of having. With a sweet print. That would be AWESOME!

    • I know that is what I still want.

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