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SnuggyBaby Hanging Diaper Pail Review and Giveaway


I was so excited to review the hanging diaper pail from SnuggyBaby. This beautiful diaper pail design is called Espresso Blossom and I LOVE IT. I really wanted a wet bag that could hold a lot of diapers and had a zipper for travel and when we stay at other people’s houses. We normally use just a drawstring wet bag that fits into a garbage can but it is not super portable.

So when I got this in the mail to review I couldn’t wait to try it out. I hung it on two hooks in my laundry room that just happened to be the right width apart and started putting dirty diapers into it.

It is made very well and is just so pretty that I don’t mind it being out in the open (even though it contains dirty diapers). It is waterproof and the smell stays in. Our laundry room is right next to our kitchen and the only time you even had a hint of smelly diaper was when you had to un-zip it to put another diaper in. But as soon as you zipped it back up there were no issues.


It was very easy at the end of my 4-5 days of putting diapers into it to just unzip and dump it into the washing machine. I turned the bag inside out to make sure the inside got a good washing. I hung it to dry with my covers. I did find it took a bit longer than my other wet bags to dry because of the cotton like material on the outside, but I also hang dry in my living room. This was the only downside I found to the bag, and it is not really an issue since I have other wet bags to use while it is drying. It would not take long to dry outside in the sun, and it took like a day to dry inside.


Stefan didn’t like that he had to unzip the bag to put the diapers in, since he normally only has to lift the lid off of the garbage can. But I tested it in our garbage can and it fits fine. So when we use it at home we will just put it in like a garbage bag and when we travel we can use it with the zipper. I am really looking forward to using it at our campgrounds this summer.

The Pros

– Is really big and can fit a lot of diapers (5 days worth at least)

– Has a zipper and keeps in odours

– Comes in really pretty designs

– Can either be hung or put in a garbage can

– Washes up nice

– Did I mention it is pretty?? Because that is important.

The Cons

– Takes a little longer to dry when you are inside drying it

– The price is a bit steep for my poor blood ($45) but the product is made well, and is pretty and has a zipper…this con is turning into a pro…

– well I guess it is just those two things, and the second one was not a very good con.

This review was for SnuggyBaby’s hanging wet pail but they have awesome ring slings, wraps, doll slings, and wet bags. You can read my review on her other items here.

So now onto the part you are all interested in and the reason you actually read my blog for once… THE GIVEAWAY.

SnuggyBaby is offering a $45 gift card to their shop ( only, NOT their ETSY store). This is open world wide since it is a gift card. So you can use this gift card to buy anything in her store…which is so many awesome and wonderful things. My 10% off code AsTimeFlies is also still in use. So feel free to use it to make a purchase even if you don’t win.

How to Enter

Do the following and leave a comment for each one, please leave a contact email address

Mandatory (You MUST do ALL 3 to be entered)

1) Go to Post your favourite item in the comments. (1 entry)
2) Like SnuggyBaby on Facebook (1 entry)
3) Follow SnuggyBaby on Twitter and tweet about it “Win a $45 gift card to @SnuggyBaby via @deborahruth  #clothdiapers #babywearing” (if you do not have twitter please share the giveaway on your facebook and leave the link) (1 entry)

Each of the above give you a total of 3 entries (so that is 3 comments)


1. Follow my blog via Email or RSS (top right of my blog) (1 entry)
2. Make a purchase at and get 10 (TEN) bonus entries. Please make a comment with what you bought so I can verify it with the company. Also you can use the 10% off code of AsTimeFlies (10 entries)
3. Sign up for the newsletter at (bottom left of the home page) (1 entry)

This contest closes at 5pm Atlantic Time On June 20th. The winner has 24 hours to respond to my “You Win” email. The winner will be chosen via

The above review is all my own opinion.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: picked #4. The Winner is Emily. Emily you have 24hours to respond to my email I am going to send you.


  1. I think my favorite item is the baby wrap. Very hard decision though cuz I liked a lot of other things as well 🙂

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  6. lol I see Emily beat me too this! I follow your blog!

  7. My fav are the bags!

  8. It told me I was posting comments too quickly, and I should slow down. BUT, I signed up for the newsletter.

  9. I also liked snuggly baby 🙂

  10. I now follow @SnuglyBaby on twitter!

  11. I love all of the items but this ring sling is a favorite of mine!

  12. I LIKE SnuggyBaby on FB!

    (Whitney Jordan)

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  14. Follow via RSS!

  15. I love the Spa Glass baby wrap!

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  18. Camouflage Hanging Diaper Pail Laundry Bag looks so awesome. I would love to have one of those.

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  21. Choo choo hanging wet bag is our favorite I would love to have that for our trip next week.

  22. Liking them on Facebook name is Ashley pollock

  23. link to our tweet about the giveaway. Thank you.

  24. Alright, ‘liked’ on facebook, don’t have Twitter so posted on my wall, and as for what I liked best…The large Choo Choo wetbag was ADORABLE, but I also liked the baby wraps in Midnight Surf and Mod Dots.

  25. I am so torn between a sling and a baby wrap. I love a lot of the different prints she has on her site but I think my favorite is the Espresso Damask.

  26. I like/follow Snuggybaby on FB!

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  30. I like the Blueberry Forest Wet Bag – Very cute!

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  32. I follow & tweeted –

  33. I like this wet bag but wish it had 2 handles like the other big ones.

  34. I like snuggy baby on facebook already

  35. I tweeted (and already follow on twitter). But removed the #CDchat and #happyBWing tags because those are meant to be FREE of giveaway posts… conversation only. So I’m not clogging them.

  36. i already follow your blog. even if i’m sorely behind on ALL the blogs in my RSS feed reader…

  37. i’m subscribed to the snuggy baby newsletter (different email address though)

  38. I liked Snuggy Baby!

  39. I really thought the child’s sling was cute and I would definitely buy the wet bag!

  40. I shared the link on my profile!

  41. I subscribed to your blog 😀

  42. I subscribed to their newsletter!

  43. I also follow your blog.

  44. Great giveaway! Thanks! I like SnuggyBaby on fb!

  45. I also follow SnuggyBaby on twitter!

  46. My favorite product at SnuggyBaby would be their Stained Glass Prestige Ring Sling. Thanks! (and I just realized that I shouldn’t have posted two separate entries for twitter – please feel free to delete one. Thanks!!

  47. Following Snugglybaby on twitter & tweeted. @susanvandervort

  48. Like Snugglybaby on FB.

  49. The doll slings are just precious! I can’t wait for my daughter to be big enough for those! I also think the linen ring sling is great!

  50. My favorite item from Snuggy Baby is the Large Stained Glass print Wet Bag.

  51. I like Snuggy Baby on FB!

  52. I follow Snuggy Baby on Twitter and Tweeted about the contest

  53. I subscribe to both email and RSS feed.

  54. I subscribe to the Snuggy Baby newsletter.

  55. I like wet bags, especially the choo choo wet bag! So cute!

  56. My favourite snuggybaby item is the Lazy Days Large Wetbag.

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  61. I like the Earth Friendly Hanging Diaper Pail Laundry Bag
    (p.s. Simone sent me here)

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  67. Ah, I see. Okay, well my first comment I’ll count as liking on facebook. Now, this one gets to be me tweeting/mentioning the giveaway.

  68. And now this one is the style I liked. Choo choo, etc.

  69. My favorite item at SnuggyBaby is this wetbag:

    I liked SnuggyBaby on Facebook and Twitter as @carriethegood

    I tweeted!!/carriethegood/status/81463796627013632


  70. Whoops, should’ve made that 3 posts. Consider this Post #2


  71. Consider this Post #3


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