Posted by: deborahgilbert42 | May 8, 2011

A Healthy Eating Kick


I am flying to Ontario for one of my best friends weddings in 2 and half weeks and I am very excited. But I have been feeling very blah about my body as of late so…

For the next 2.5 weeks I am:

1. Not eating bread
2. Drinking only water BUT can have 1 cup of coffee a day (I need that 1 cup)
3. Having snacks that are healthy
4. Eating less carbs
5. Eating more fruits and veggies
6. Eating smaller portions
7. Going for walks on all non-rainy days
8. Eating more fresh foods
9. Finding some quiet time for myself to relax
10. Having 1 small treat a week so I don’t go nuts

This is something I would like to make a lifestyle, something that will come as second nature. I am doing it for 2.5 weeks right now but I would really like to keep it up.

If you have ideas for things I can eat that are healthy and easy please comment and let me know.


  1. I really love hummous and crackers, super easy and not a ton of calories. 🙂 Hope the next few weeks go well for you and it becomes a habit you can maintain!

  2. I like your plan! I think that the 2.5 week goal is a good idea too. My friend who is a health nut told me to take a shot of apple cider vinigar each morning…has something to do with digestion health and is said to speed up the metabolism. I am curious….just have to muster up the courage to do it (yuck!)

    • oh that is so gross. I cannot handle the smell of apple cider vinegar, it grosses me out. I don’t think I could be that brave.

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