Posted by: deborahgilbert42 | January 28, 2009

Snow or Anthrax

img_2582In Jr. High and High School my friend Molly who was originally from North Carolina had the funniest mom. She hated the snow and always said that it would be better if it was anthraxing outside instead of snowing. I completely agree (in fact I said this a while back and now it is a quote in this years yearbook).

I mean come on, this white crap outside is terrible. It is cold and wet and then there is ice and all the crap from the sand that we put down to get rid of the stuff. Man I can’t wait for summer to get here (this is theMaritimes we don’t really have spring).

And what happened to Global Warming?? I was all for it and now Texas is getting snow and Florida is below freezing….that is not right at all. I couldn’t wait for the ice caps to melt and the palm trees to start growing. I mean if people are worried about not having any place to live once Florida and those other warm areas are under water they can just come to Canada we have tons of extra room.

So heres to Global Warming


  1. While I understand why snow is annoying, I doubt that anthrax would be an improvement. Having had personal experience with the way anthrax ruins lives I recommend snow. You can go snowshoeing, kiss in the lightly falling snow, make snow men and snow angels, slide down the hills, have a reason to cuddle and drink hot chocolate… What’s not to love about snow? Besides, you can always add more layers, but you can exactly strip down for summer! …. Well, you shouldn’t anyway!

  2. Two words, Deborah: Global Freezing. Yeah, that’s right, scientists got it wrong…The world isn’t getting warmer…It’s getting frickin’ colder!! Pretty soon we’ll all merge into one giant ice continent and Russia will rule us all! Because they, of course, are better adapted to the cold then even we are.
    Embrace Mother Russia!! (T-shirt anyone?)

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